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Join us at SEF for a Free 50 Minute Class. Meet our owner and learn the SEF technique with your local fitness community. Experience the benefits of our group classes! This complimentary experience is valid for local residents and first-timers only. One time use only. 

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Come in to our studio and enjoy a single SEF class for $25. Class credit expires 30 days from date of purchase. Contact us for more information. Can’t wait to see you in the studio! 


Here you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about Steve, his fitness studio, available classes and training programs, and other helpful information.

How does your program work?

We meet with you one on one to learn about your goals, injuries, history, etc. We do this both for our athletes and adults. From there, you sign up for sessions on our website. You can purchase individual sessions but we recommend buying a package and training ideally 2-3 times per week. From there, we will work to help you achieve your goals. We will guide you through your session, take notes for your profile folder, and  plan accordingly for the next session. We are there to support you every step of the way to make you better physically and mentally. 

How often do the workouts change?

We design a program specifically designed for each of our clients depending on what they are trying to achieve. Each workout will vary to not make sure you stay consistent, motivated, and  enthusiastic. But you will repeat many exercises because the basic exercises tend to be the best for you. What you see on social media isn’t always the best thing for you. We also want to track your progress and if you are never doing the same exercise, it would be hard to measure your  success and progress. Our clients have never complained about not being challenged. for you for a month. Clients find it’s a good mix of variety, while still being able to track your progress throughout the program.

How long are the workouts?

30 or 60 minutes.

How long are the classes?

50 minutes.

What class is right for me?

We recommend that you try a variety of classes to see which ones you like. If you are looking to get stronger, strength training is the class for you. If you have never worked out or are just getting started, beginner strength training is right for you. If you are familiar with working our and have strength trained before and are looking to build your strength and hypertrophy, then advance strength training is for you. If you’re looking to lose fat, but also get stronger, then our Burn (HIIT) classes are for you. We offer beginner and advanced Burn classes. Looking to increase your stretching and mobility, then try out the stretching and mobility class. We also offer a 55 and older class. With that being said, you are not limited to taking this class if you fall in that age range. Plenty of people we have worked with that are 55 and older are more than capable of taking our advanced classes! 

Do I need to come every day?

Our average client comes 2-3 classes weekly and sees great results. We also recommend 2-3 sessions for our personal training clients. This applies to both our athletes and adults. 

What is small group personal training?

That is how we deliver our workouts. Just like the name says, it’s personal training, but in a small group. So, you’ll get your own workout, your own routine, and have a coach with you at every workout…you’ll just be sharing the coach with one to three others (maximum of 4 in a group). You can build your own small group or talk with us and we can look for a group that would be thrilled to have you join!

Is this like CrossFit?

CrossFit did a nice job at popularizing strength training, kettlebells, and barbells. We certainly use those modalities. However, we don’t perform Olympic lifts, as they do in CrossFit. Our HIIT classes will provide a similar concept but are much safer and more productive. We focus more on strength training exercises that will help you become more functionally fit. We focus on safety. We personalize each routine to the individual. Will you see similar equipment? Sure. But it’s certainly not the equipment that makes SEF special, it’s the coaching, accountability, and community. 

What if I have an injury?

That’s our specialty. Whether it’s your knee, back, shoulder, etc. Some trainers do not want to deal with an injured person. We look forward to it! Our goal is making you feel better and wanting you to recover and come back even stronger. We modify each clients routine based on their goals and injuries. This applies to both our adults members and athletes. We will modify the workout to you even if you have an injury or muscle imbalance.

Do you offer memberships or how does billing work?

We offer classes and appointment-only training sessions. We offer packages that are listed on the site. You sign up, pay, and schedule your personal training sessions right on our site. 

When are your class times?

We have sessions every day, with multiple classes running in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings all day long. We start at 6:00 AM and go until 7:00 PM during the week, with sessions all throughout the day. We also have times on Saturday morning for classes. 

Are you really for people 40+?

The majority of our clients are 40+, yes. We find that we attract clients who are intimidated by the typical gym. We believe they need the most coaching and we are here to support them! 

What age of athletes do you work with?

We have worked with ages 8 through the professional level. We have worked with middle school, high school, college, and professional athletes. We have experience working with players in the NFL, professional lacrosse (both men and women). And have worked with many different Under Armour athletes. 

What do you offer for athletes?

Our athlete programs focus on developing the athlete and getting them prepared to compete at the highest level. We will cover the following depending on age, fitness level and ability after our assessment.

  • Speed and agility 
  • Strength training
  • Plyometric or explosive training (understanding how to absorb force and create power)
  • Sport specific movements 
Where are you located?

We are conveniently located next to Looneys Pub and Bra-La-La in the Maple Lawn neighborhood.


8180 Maple Lawn Blvd
Suite D.
Fulton, Maryland 20759

How do I get started?

You can try out one free class! You can book your sessions or classes right on our website. We look forward to starting this journey and relationship with you!


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"We really enjoy working out with Steve. He is knowledgeable, works with you if you have limitations, keeps you challenged, and he keeps each session interesting. We highly recommend Steve Everett Fitness!"

Margot and Knute Olson

"I was first introduced to Steve by some of my mutual friends. After seeing some of his workouts on social media, I was intrigued by the style and creativity of his workouts and messaged him to set up a meeting almost immediately. Steve is knowledgeable, listens, and displays the perfect balance of challenging you and encouraging rest. To add on further, he’s personable, easy to talk to, and does a great job explaining techniques. Whether you’re completely new to fitness , seeking a new workout routine, or train for something specific-I could not recommend working with Steve more! 5 out of 5 star experience hands down!"

Kristina Augustine

"Steve has an excellent personality, is always upbeat, and a pleasure to be around. I always look forward to our sessions as they are so much fun and go by in a flash. In fact, I trust him so much that, I encouraged my daughter to train with him. We workout together whenever our schedules permit. If you want to see great improvement in your physical abilities, Steve is the man. I give him my very highest recommendation and wish him great success in this next step in his professional training journey."

Sam Ulan


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